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I help clients build an investment strategy based on their own individual goals, including retirement planning, investment management, asset protection, and income distribution.

Who We Serve

Individuals and Young Families

When you are ready to take necessary financial actions to secure your financial future, we can help you make sure you are making the right decisions and keep you on track to meet your goals.

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

If you’re looking at retiring in the next few years or maybe you’re already in retirement and don’t really have strategy to protect your assets and maximize your income, we can develop a strategy that best fits your needs before and during retirement.

Sales Professionals

If you are in a career that is sales focused, many times you are focused on doing what you do best, and your retirement accounts may fall to the wayside.  If you’ve got multiple retirement accounts from previous employers and want to consolidate or maybe you want some help to better maximize the use of your finances, we can assist you.

Solopreneurs and Small Business Owners

You wear many hats running a business, whether it’s a company with several employees like a medical office or CPA firm, or maybe you’re a one person professional office like a Realtor or Attorney. We can help you put the necessary retirement vehicles and investment strategies in place to help you put more of your money to work to meet your financial goals.

Our Solutions

Your financial needs differ from everyone else’s financial needs, so why would you choose a one size fits most financial strategy. I work with clients to customize a solution that best suits their needs. Those solutions include how to accumulate, protect, and distribute their wealth. Everyone’s investment needs, risk tolerances, and any other personal situations or goals in life are always taken into consideration when building our strategy.

When we are developing your customized solution for retirement planning and/or investment services, the investment tools utilized to help achieve client goals range from mutual funds, low cost ETF’s, individual stocks and fixed income vehicles, as well as various types of annuities.

Transparency with your advisor is key. No matter what solution you choose, you know exactly what the costs are associated with your account.

Retirement Solutions

We will help you implement retirement vehicles and implement investment strategies to work towards your financial goals in retirement.  For Individuals, we may utilize range from Traditional and/or Roth IRA’s, Rollover IRA’s, and/or deferred vehicles like Annuities.  For Business Owners, we can establish various types of retirement plans such as SIMPLE IRA’s, SEP IRA’s, and 401k plans.

Investment Management

If you are new to investing or have been investing for several years, we can work together to manage your portfolio through customized strategies that best meet your unique needs.  The tools used to mange your portfolio may be a combination of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s, Unit Investment Trusts, Annuities, and other Specialty Products. Account types utilized to execute your investment strategy can be brokerage accounts, Roth and/or Traditional IRA’s, Rollover IRA’s, or deferred vehicles such as annuities.

Financial Planning

If you’re looking for a one on one financial planning service including retirement planning, insurance reviews, and investment reviews, we offer packages that can assist you.  To review your options please go to the Financial Planning page.

Insurance Planning

If you choose to invest your funds with us or choose one of our planning packages, we offer this as a complimentary service. We will look at various aspects of your insurance needs, including, Life Insurance, Home and Auto Insurance, Business Insurance, Health, Medicare, Long term care, and Disability insurance. It’s important that your insurance needs are aligned to protect your financial goals.

Professional Collaboration

Working with a financial planner is key to making sure you’re on the right path.  You also need other professionals on your team in order to execute those plans.  When you work with our team, you can collaborate with attorney’s, CPA’s, and insurance professionals that can help implement your financial plans.

Chase Caudill

It can be difficult for clients to tell you what they really want from a financial stand point.   I believe my strength as a financial professional is the ability to solve financial problems for people by listening to their situation and putting myself in their shoes to empathize with them to create the solution that best fits their needs.

I have been in the financial industry since 2009.  I currently hold my series 7 and 66 licenses, and have been a Certified Financial Planner™ since 2013.  During college, I studied corporate Finance and Economics at Georgetown College, in Kentucky where I received my undergrad degree. I then followed that up with a Master’s in Business Administration a few years later.

I truly enjoy helping people better manage their finances, whether its basic budgeting, or complex tax issues.  As a financial planner, I try not to make myself exclusive because I feel like if people are searching for financial help, someone needs to be there to help them.  I have tried to build my practice around those needs, whether it’s a young couple starting out, a small business owner trying to grow their business, or a retiree needing to prepare for post-career income.

Aside from being a financial professional, I try to spend as much time with my family making fun memories.  My hobbies include regularly exercising, healthy cooking, fishing, and doing whatever my two daughters are into at the time.

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